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cd • 13 titres • 38:00 min

  • 1Sun Down
  • 2Lonnie Listen
  • 3Something In The Way
  • 4Keep Me In Your Shake
  • 5The Unloved (Skit)
  • 6Nicotine Love
  • 7Gangster Chronicle
  • 8I Had A Dream
  • 9My Palestine Girl
  • 10Why Don't You
  • 11Silly Games
  • 12Right Here
  • 13Silver Tongue - When You Go

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line up

Tricky (voix, production), Fransesca Belmonte (chant)

Musiciens additionnels : Tirzah, Mykki Blanco, Nneka, Bella Gotti, Blue Daisy, Oh Land



Adrian Thaws has been known as Tricky. A long time ago. Now Tricky's gone. No breaking news, indeed : he was gone before being gone and without being gone (if you see what I mean). Gone since the breakup. Between 1993 and 1998 he was The Tricky Kid, breathing through this spliff-mist he was turning to smooth nightmares. Creating slows that we could listen under the duvet by a wet night, nude and holding a torch (or other hard and oblong stuff). And then someone offered him a ventolin. Perhaps he bought it. He breathed well, he discovered the pleasure of good health... Anyway, after that he broke with his perfect lover, his alter-ego, his one and only muse. Shit happens. His well-known lazy attitude that made him creative made him become arrogant. His complex music turned to a pop complex. Then his trip-hop slowly faded, like smoke in the air. Musical evaporation. Safe rhythm, like safe-sex (less feelings). Some good tracks, here and there, but lost amongst ruins of his great era. Attempts of boys-band music, clean hip-hop, poppy-pooh, and other crimes against good taste. Crimes for common taste. Disguised failures. Penetration attempts with Cindy Lauper were not the worst of his ideas. To be honest, he made much, much worse. Then he became a false idol. A fake Tricky, a clean hooker. A shitty creation of his own, making money for good health. So everyone of us, his devoted victims, tried to find something organic in his music to dig our aural teeth in, listening to his last albums. Pouting. Cursing. But they were just pieces of plastic, with more plastic in the music than the jewelcases themselves could ever contain. Yet we still hoped for a return. Because we are believers, so we believe. From a pout to a shout, we pray for the comeback of The Kid. For the musical disease. Joining our hands in the dark of the night, and remembering how magnetic he was in the mid-nineties. Because music is a drug and a religion, in equal proportions. Because we want to hear the cancer coming back after such a boring chimiotherapy. Health is a deadend for some artists, and Adrian Thaws is one of those. And this last album is some kind of hip-hop pop, amateurish big beat (and even casual electroclash with "Nicotine Love") with nothing good, except maybe this quite weird "Sun Down" and "My Palestine Girl". Disposable songs, once again, with a Tricky trying to make good club music (once again), trying to build Prodigy-like or Mark Lanegan-like moods like a cheap and wannabe badass alchemist. Pardon my english, but it's papier mâché lazy shit. I don't even want to spend more than three lines speaking about this soulless music : it doesn't exist. Adrian... I know that you don't give a fuck about the listeners opinion (we are your moths and moths can be irritating), but enough of that muzak now. You think you're unpredictable, but you became more predictable than Lady Gaga, you are BORING. Kick out this teenage maid. Admitting you're not Tricky anymore with your new album title ? No, it's not a first step for recovery... I mean non-recovery... well, you see what I mean.

note       Publiée le jeudi 2 juillet 2015

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Shelleyan aka Twilight › jeudi 13 août 2020 - 23:46  message privé !

Dommage car 'Sun down' est assez géniale...Mais le reste, bof.

GrahamBondSwing › jeudi 11 juin 2020 - 21:51  message privé !

Tricky vient de sortir un extrait de son prochain album prévu pour la rentrée... Je n'en attends pas grand-chose, après ses dernières livraisons, si on ajoute qu'il a traversé une épreuve personnelle difficile l'année dernière... bon bref, je ne l'ai jamais pris pour un génie, ce qui offre l'avantage de ne jamais être vraiment déçu non plus. "Adrian Thaws" peut déjà servir de fond sonore pour des occasions multiples zé variées (apéro au bord de la piscine, séance de notation sur G.O.D. les soirs d'orage, trajet en caisse sur l'A86 en n'évitant pas les trous sur la chaussée) et c'est déjà pas mal, je serai plus sévère pour "Vulnerable".

Note donnée au disque :       
Raven › mardi 25 août 2015 - 12:41  message privé !

I'm going for a walk now. When he opens his eyes, call me.

Damodafoca › mardi 25 août 2015 - 10:51  message privé !

Bah... il est pas si mal celui-là. Comparé à False Idol c'est un chef d'oeuvre, même. Quand Tricky fait du hip hop il le fait bien (même si les vrais génies ce sont les London Posse), et le reste contient quelques morceaux bien foutus et bien produit. Si on prend ce disque pour ce qu'il est (!), c'est le meilleur du kid depuis Knowle West Boy. easy.

dariev stands › samedi 11 juillet 2015 - 19:00  message privé !

"Because music his a drug and a religion, in equal proportions." C'est ce que je me dis tous les jours, comme au concert de Acid Maman Temple à Marseille (qui était une sorte de kaméhaméha fait son, pour la 3ème fois... quel groupe de scène de folie.). Classe chro, pas sur que j'écouterais un jour le disque (même si je me méfie des albums censés être nuls de tricky, vu que j'adore Blowback)