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  • 2007 • Anticon abr0073CD • 1 CD digipack

cd • 16 titres • 40:26 min

  • 1Dedemma Speaks
  • 2The Teachings Of Leviticus
  • 3Wilting Onward
  • 4High Noon And Sobered
  • 5Allieverwanted
  • 6Stuck In My Head Since I Was 12
  • 7Giant Man Eating Bird
  • 8Bosnian Jazz
  • 9Spin The Humans
  • 1050 At 30
  • 11Firefish
  • 12Father Vs. Courage
  • 13Party Till We Drop
  • 14Missile Defence
  • 15How Big Is Space
  • 166million Wayz 2live


all tracks recorded in the holland ranch between 1/06 9/06. all music is made with a dr sample, akai headrush, motu828, digital performer, a mono mixing board that stutters, one working monitor, a microkorg, a wurlitzer organ, a couple of samples till my needle broke, & a bit of guitar - extra instrumentation by william ryan fritch of skyrider

line up



"track one features a recording of anarchist philosopher emma goldman & me catching 18 mice with litter bottles. track two features some old southern lady reading the old testament. this track was inspired by sam harris, and the drums were played by kip killagain. track 3 was recorded in a time period when i had basically gotten sick of the sound of my own voice and everything i had to say, and this vocal samples summed up this sort of depression for me. track 4 is to be played during sunset or sunrise or when staring off into space. track5 is an expression of the opposite of "if you build it they will come", and features ryan fritch on the ebo/guitar. track 6 features samples from "brooklyn battles" track 7, just some timestretched chimey noise, no deep concept. track8 is ryan fritch on the melodica, and had a sort of chinese waterfront/neutral milk hotel vibe i was going for,some vintage b52 bombers hitting a school next to german hippies taking a vacation in the orient. track9 was made during the israeli invasion of lebanon and features a recording of some kid i found on youtube, it ends with a vintage recording of the wheel of fortune being broadcast from the new orleans superdome, complete with dumb college kids, laughter and applause. track 11 features ryan fritch on a cheap casio and my wife playing the baseline. track 12 features a vocal sample i rapped from the brecht play "mother courage," and features some guitars by ryan also. track 13 features yasamin on the keys and me on drums & effects & on the run from the cops and a burning hospital. track 14... the lyrics are "i'm a dead man rapping" and "missile defense," deadmanrapping because its easy to feel like shit and missile defense because there is no such thing. track 15 was an attempt at making an alias beat, but ended up going sci fi with it, ebo and guitar on this is played by ryan. track 16 is sort of a bookend made from similar sounds as track 8, but had more of a walking off into the sunset feel. except my horse has been shot, and im not actually walking, im being dragged..." ß


Écouter cet album asbtract de Manbestfriend, c'est comme recueillir un moineau tombé du nid. Manbestfriend c'est l'alias de Sole quand il est DJ, vous savez, Tim Holland, ce petit rappeur fébrile du label Anticon, qui s'ennuie dans son ranch isolé, et qui gribouille quelques instrus electro-retro ou dark-electro ("Stuck In My Head Since I Was 12") et autres petits interludes tristounes radio-pirate pendant ses insomnies, entre deux snacks sucrés. Tim Holland se dit que ça fera un petit skeud qui sortira ni vu ni connu. Il a raison, mais il ne devrait pas se faire bobo comme ça, car Manbestfriend est assez attachant même si parfaitement inutile : on sent que tout ça a été bricolé main pour aller avec l'humeur du moment. Skeud de hip-hop instrumental et (donc?) fatalement gadget, mais tout de même un peu déprimant... La pochette résume assez bien... Du reste Sole est parfaitement égal à lui-même en inscrivant le making of à l'intérieur du digipack - que, par pur masochisme (en mode Sole) j'ai décidé de recopier dans la section remarques, au caractère et à l'espace manqué près, puisqu'il fait assez bien figure de chronique informative à quiconque serait éventuellement intéressé.

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