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GLAUKOM SYNOD - Ectoplasmic revelations Out now (Industrial/ Death)

gab › jeudi 2 janvier 2020 - 20:22

GLAUKOM SYNOD : "Ectoplasmic revelations"

Industrial/ Death metal, and all the aliens in between.

This is old styled industrial influenced by old Death metal,
It could sound like a mix of old WUMPSCUT, BERZERKER, old FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY,
with various death metal and metal influences, including old GRAVE, MORBID ANGEL, old NAPALM DEATH (And their parallel projects)... With a bunch of more experimental influences.
It includes a remix of INSANE ORDER (Grindcore from France).
Some songs are more extreme while others are more let down.

Out now on TAPE/ CDR and Digital!

Listen on Youtube:

Order TAPE and CDR on NIHILISTIC Distro:

Order Digital on Bandcamp:


gab › vendredi 3 janvier 2020 - 15:28

The new GLAUKOM SYNOD Tape and CDr are now available
on the bandcamp of VISCERAL CIRCUITRY Records!

Support extreme music deformity!