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Nihilistic Holocaust: Last Distro news.

gab › dimanche 30 décembre 2012 - 12:58

Dernières mises à jour de distro avant la suite...

ASTRAL SLEEP (Fin) Astral sleep Demo tape. Doom
DEMONIC OATH (Fra) Crypt of mournful summoning Demo tape. Obscure death à la Incantation
INFEST (Serbia) Everlasting genocide CD. Death metal/ Thrash
KNIFEWOUND (Usa)/ SORDO (Usa) Split tape. Grindcore
NOT! (Cze)/ FSFI (Cze) Split CD. Grindcore
PRIMORDIUM (Bra) Gates of re-stau: Conjuration of daemon Apopi Demo CDr. Fast Death metal
WHITE RHINO (Usa) White rhino Demo tape. Fastcore/ HC/ Grind
WRITHING (Usa) Indomitable MCD. Pro CDr. Death metal/ Brutal death

ABHOR (Bra) Prophetic catastrophe prism Demo CDr. Death metal
DESICCATED (Austria) Blastology Pro CDr. Brutal death
DRAUG (Usa) Ephemeral utopia MCD. Death metal
ELIMINATOR (Ger) Krieg thrash Tape. Thrash metal
FILTHEATER (Usa) Calignosity MCD. Death metal
FILTHEATER (Usa) Noctivagant MCD. Death metal
FILTHEATER (Usa)/ ISHIMURA (Usa) Split MCD. Death metal
GAROTED (Usa) Evil personified MCD. Death metal/ Satanic brutal death
MOLD (Denmark) 2 track promo 2012. Tape. Death doom
MORBID FLESH (Spa) Dying lapidations Demo tape. Death metal
MORTEM (Peru) Decomposed by possession Tape. Death metal
NECROVEN (Spa) Perpetual scorn Demo tape. Death metal
OCEAN OF ZERO (Australia) Shun the light Demo tape. Death metal/ Old brutal death
PSYCHOTIC DIMENSION (Pol)/ DYSTOPIA (Pol) Split CDr. Funeral doom
TASTE OF TEARS (Switzerland) Architests of downfall Pro CDr. Technical death/ Melodic death
THE DEAD (Australia) Nocturnal funeral MCD. Death metal/ Brutal death
VERDICT DENIED (Gre) Condamned CD. Technical thrash
VOIDS OF VOMIT (Ita) Rehearsal vomit 2006 Demo tape. Death metal
VOMITOUS DISCHARGE (Ger) Excavation or rarities Demo CDr. Grindcore/ Grindgore

ALTARS (Australia)/ HEAVING EARTH (Cze) Split tape. Obscure Death metal/ Satanic death
BLASPHERERION (Rus) Apocal Ur-Chaos Demo CDr. Satanic Death metal
GRIM LEGION (Usa) Unholy resurrection of hell Demo tape. Retro Death metal
MANIPULATOR (Fra) Voidbound Tape. Death metal
MONOMAKH (Australia) MMXII Demo tape. Obscure death black
SEPUKU (Uk) Demo & Live Perversions Tape. Death metal/ Thrashing death
SKINCRAWLER (Usa) Lair of the foul Lp. Thrash black à la Hellhammer.
SUFFER THE PAIN (Swe) The last massacre Demo tape. Crustcore/ Death metal.

Html list http://nihilistic2.voila.net/distro/distro_index.htm
Webshop: http://nihilisticholocaust.bigcartel.com
Email: gabsk(a)wanadoo.fr

gab › dimanche 3 novembre 2013 - 08:58

Last distro news:

ANIARA (Swe) Caress of darkness Demo tape. Doom/ Heavy old school
CARNAL GHOUL (Ger) The grotesque vault Demo tape. Swedish death metal. Comes with pin.
COELACANTH (Usa) Coelacanth Demo CDr. Death metal/ Crust
DIABOLICAL DEMON DIRECTOR (Australia) Thrash metal poison Demo CDr. Thrash/ heavy
EXORCISED (Serbia) Reflections of horror Demo tape. Necro death metal
FORNACE (Ita) Pregnant is the night CD. Digipack. Black metal
GRAVE RITUAL (Usa) Grave ritual Demo tape. Death metal
INSIDIOUS TORTURE (Usa) Lust and decay Demo tape. Brutal death grind
MALEDICTION (Hungary) Whirl Evoken by Prayers MCD. Death metal
MALEDICTION (Hungary) Reductio ad Absurdum CD. Death metal
MUTANT SUPREMACY (Usa) Rotting Season 7 Ep. Old school Death
PUTRID EVOCATION (Chile) Blackness enshroud MCD. Necro Death metal/ Morbid thrash
WITCHCURSE (Gre) Demon's Warning Demo tape. Heavy metal

Fanzine: DEADCHURCH (Fra) #9: Killers, Lonewolf, Hürlement, Resistance, Pyranean metal... + Chroniques. 40 pages. A4. In french. 2010.

Fanzine: EXTREME METAL MAG (Usa) #1: INTERVIEWS: Diovim zine, Vidargängr, Pagan hellfire, Mefisto... BIOGRAPHIES/ ARTICLES: Maniac butcher, Axis of advance, Ghoul, Summoned, Branikald, Forteresse, Excuse, Grand belial's key, Nocturnal winds, In battle, Khors, Suffocation, Typhon, Rgurgitation, Visceral bleeding, Mithotyn,Nahash, Oakhelm, Nastrond, Nasum, Kommandant, Folkvang... 64 pages. A4. In english. 2013.

Fanzine: HELLFUCKING METAL (Gre) #3: Communion, Assassin, Ocean of zero, Midnight, Bone sickness, Destroyer 666, Black grail, Sadokist, Slaughtered priest, Black feat, Crucifixxx sodomy, Veinen... + Reviews. 48 pages. A4. In english. 2012.

Html list http://nihilistic2.voila.net/distro/distro_index.htm
Webshop: http://nihilisticholocaust.bigcartel.com

gab › vendredi 20 novembre 2015 - 10:27


The old web adress of NIHILISTIC Webzine is now dead.
After approx 13 years of web hosting, the service has stopped, and there's no redirection.

You can now find the website at this new adress: http://nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr

gab › jeudi 16 mai 2019 - 19:28

Last distro news:

BEHEAD (Chile) Endless hatred Demo tape. Old school death/ Thrash the morbid way

BEHEAD (Chile) Awakening of a murderous soul Demo tape. Old school death/ Thrash the morbid way

BLOODSHED (Russia) The hunger and the agony CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death. Sounds like old Vader, old Sinister

DEMOLITION STEEL (Chile) There is no hope, just decay Demo tape. Old school heavy metal with thrash touches.

HELLRAIDER (Chile) The time has come Demo tape. Old school thrash (Members of Disaster, Invocation spells...)

MANIAC (Can) Fast and deadly CD. Old school thrash/ Punk

METASTASIS (Chile) From the snow the executioner rises again CD. Old school thrash (Contains two demos)

NECROHERESY (Slovakia) Divine betrayal MCD. Old styled death/ Thrashing death

PARASITIZED (Uk) Existence unveiled MCD. Brutal death with a technical approach

PARKCREST (Chile) Mental discharge Demo tape. Old school thrash (Members of Venus torment, Hellish...)

SACROFUCK (Pol)/ ENTERCHRIST (Pol) Split CD. Death metal/ Gory death grind

TRASCENDENCIA (Chile) Hasta ayer / La última palabra Demo tape. Old school heavy metal. (Members of Terror strike, Critical defiance...)

WHIP (Nor) Ultra sado scrap metal Tape. Crust grind black metal sickness with a thrashing edge


gab › vendredi 5 juillet 2019 - 11:06

Last distro news:

DEAD CONGREGATION (Gre) Sombre doom MCD. Digipack. Obscure death

IMPIETY (Singapore)/ INFERNAL EXECRATOR (Singapore) Dusthall desecrator live penang 2015. Split tape. Black thrash/ Black death

LORD KETIL (Fra) Long lone among the wolves Tape. Black metal

NECROBIOTIC (Bra) Under the sign of I Demo tape. Death metal

PALE MIST (Uk) Spreading my wings into the abyss that calls CD. Black metal

PHERETRUM (Uruguay) Alienated demons CD. Old school/ Thrashing death/ Underground death

PUTREFIANCE (Fra) Demo MMXVIII + live tracks MCD. Digipack. Putrid death metal

THE NEGATION (Fra) Paths of obedience Tape. Black metal

WITCHVOMIT (Usa) Poisoned blood MCD. Digipack. Old school death and obscure death. (Members of Torture rack, Trepanation...)

BELLS OF DOOM (Swe) The death of god Demo tape. Doom

CRYPTIC REALMS (Mex/ Gre) The rotten is alive Demo tape. Old school death

BLOODY PHOENIX (Usa) War, hate & misery Tape. Grindcore

KEITZER (Ger) The last defence Tape. Death grind/ Grindcore.



TEMPLE OF ADORATION (Ger) Zine issue 12
Carma, Krypts, Abatuar, Nebiros, Orodruin, Fecalove, Hardware, The fallen, Leechfeast, Ordocaper, Candelabrum, Broken spirit, Psychomoorphis...
48 pages. A4. In english.

ABYSMAL SCULPTURES (Singapore) Zine issue 13
Hellwitch, Ilemauzar, Necrowretch, Siksakubur, Revage records... + Reviews, live reports...
40 pages. A4. In english. 2019.

METAL HORDE (Por) Zine issue 24
Wanderer, Morgengrau, Confessor AD, Necrot, Wasteland riders, Zealot cult, Genocide beast, Warfield, Tiran, Nakkiga, Arghura zine, Satanic Tony ... + Reviews...
80 pages. A5. In english. 2019

BLOOD HAMMER (Ita) Zine issue 2
The crucifier, Nocturnal, Entrench, Exumer, Slaughtered priest, Daemonokrat, Bunker 66... + Reviews
22 pages. A4. In italian. 2018.

Illustrations on the death metal theme: zombies, skulls, corpses... Drawings by Mark Riddick, Ragnar Persson, Luisma, Putrid, French,
32 pages. A5.


DEATH BURING (Fra) Heaven in hell Demo CDr. Old school punk hardcore

HIROSHIMA 45 (Rus) ???? Demo CDr. Punk hardcore

I.B.N - Touched by nausea Demo CDr (2nd hand). Fast punk

BLOOD REAPING (Mex) Promo 2002 CDr. Fast death metal (Bootleg?)

KHLYST (Usa) Chaos is my name. Promo CD. Cardboard sleeve. (2nd hand).
Experimental/ Black metal/ Dark ambient. (Members of Khanate, Thor's hammer...)

GORE SANCTUM (Uk) Realms of devastation Promo CDr. (No cover, CD only). Gore brutal death



gab › samedi 19 octobre 2019 - 10:04

Last distro news:

CHAOSMONGER (Swi) Revenge of the monger Demo tape. Death metal with powerful sound.

CRYPT DAGGER (Ger) Tales of torment Demo tape. Old school thrash black speed

HELL TREPANNER (Peru) Entrance to hell Demo tape. Old school necro death thrash

MORBITAL (Rus) ??? ???? CD. Bestial death black, a bit like early Bestial warlust with a bit of Revenge.

REVELER (Usa) The hour of fright Demo tape. Old school death

VERTHEBRAL (Paraguay) Regeneration Tape. Death metal

ZIEG ABUSER (Swi) Goatless doomed world Demo tape. Old school thrash with old satanic death touches.

ANCIENT TORMENT (Usa) Satan's legacy come flesh Demo tape. Fast raw black metal in the 90's style.

INJUSTICE X SQUAD (Gre) Those that know Demo tape. Old school punk hardcore/ Crust


gab › samedi 2 janvier 2021 - 09:49

Hello, NIHILISTIC Distro wishes you a happy new year (If possible…)

Here are the last distro news, with many new tapes and some CDs.


BLACK RITE (Gre) Nocturnal creed MCD. Fast black metal (Member of Ceremonial Worship)

CHAOSHORDE (Gre) Hordes arising Demo tape. Blackened thrash/ Old school thrash

CRYPTWORM (Uk) Cryptworm Demo tape. Old school death

GOATVERMIN (Fra) Detruire Tape. Brutal black death

GRAVEYARD (Spa)/ NECRO (Ita) Split tape. Death metal

NECROCCULTUS (Mex) Solemnelohim, Bringer of death MCD. Digipack. Old school and crushing Death metal obscurity.

PAZUZU (Costa rica)/ MORBID PERVERSION (Bra) Split tape. Old school death, doom/ Old school death

SEKKUSU (Usa) Satyrömania Tape. Old school thrash/ Old thrashing punk hardcore. (Members of Demon bitch, Sewercide)

TENEBRION (Peru) Tenebrion Demo tape. Thrash metal/ Black thrash

VOMIT OF DOOM (Argentina) Fatal Assault Demo tape. Old school black thrash/ black death (Regular tape with hand written name, pro cover)

GRAB (Gre) Praying at the whorehouse church MCD. Digipack. Raw simple black metal. (Members of Dodsferd)

INHUMANITY VORTEX (Pol) Reverse engineering MCD/ Pro CDr. Death metal with brutal death influences, and a “technical” tortured aspect... Given for free in orders.



ACID AGE (Uk) Like a runaway combine harvester in a field of crippled rabbits Tape. Thrash metal. Special packaging.

DARK MESSIAH (Gre) Αρετή και δόξα αιώνια (Virtue and Glory Eternal) CD. Raw black metal

DERANGED (Chile) Burst of violence Demo tape. Old school thrash

DIG ME NO GRAVE (Russia) Cosmic cult Tape. Death metal influenced by mid old Morbid angel.

ELEGIAC (Usa) Vampyric odinism CD. Black metal

HUMUGUR (Hungary) Bring decay to an end Tape. Old school brutal death/ Neanderthal death metal. Sounds like a mix of Brodequin, Cannibal corpse, old NILE.

MASSIVE DESTRUCTION (Swe) Demo 2020 Tape. Old school thrash (Ex member of Unanimated, Damnation)

OCCISOR (Chile) Demo 2012 + Rehearsal 2014 Tape. Old school thrash/ Blackened thrash

BASTÄRD (Russia) Black steel attack CD. Old school black speed/ thrash, (Contains covers of Venom, Nifelheim, Motörhead, Kat, Urn and more)


gab › dimanche 19 septembre 2021 - 00:30

Last distro news:

  • Fanzine: CORROSIVE ALTARS (Usa) Issue 6: Interviews of Abatuar, Cemetery lights, Perlokus... + Reviews. Underground metal zine, black, death, thrash etc. 40 pages. A5. In english. 2021.

  • AGATHOCLES (Bel)/ GROG (Por) "Smashed hammer feast" Split tape. Grindcore/ Death grind. Special packaging.

  • ANIMALESCO, O METODO (Por) Animalesco o metodo CD. Death metal/ Crust. Sounds like grindcore without blasts.

  • MASS SEPARATION (Malaysia)/ UNHOLY GRAVE (Jap) Split tape. Grindcore

  • SCHIZODEATH (Pol) Lobotomic genocide MCD. Old school death/ thrash.

  • DIVINE PUSTULENCE (Usa) Tortured, raped and sacrificed to satan CD. Brutal death



  • OSMOSE Productions - 2015 label sampler CD: Impaled nazarene, Sckrites, Diocletian, Wichmaster, Dodsfall, Glaciation, Mor dagor, Khaos dei, Empty, Cainan dawn, Cohol, Ad hominem, Deathcode society, Satanika...

  • CARLISLE This means everything to me CD. Slim digipack. Hardcore/ Emo/ Screamo

  • NIHILISTIC Newsletter 9 / August: This time with an interview of BLOOD SPORT (Old school speed from Finland), reviews of Ritual warfare, Morbus grave, Mayhemic, In/Out, a flyer of Pazuzu, and a short news of Blue holocaust.



  • UNBURIAL - Sticker
  • MORBOSATAN - Sticker
  • ANATOMIA/ PAZUZU - Sticker
  • VOMI NOIR - Sticker
  • MORBID SKULL Recs - Sticker
  • MIDAS - Sticker
  • ATOMIC DISC - Sticker


gab › samedi 11 décembre 2021 - 20:00

The distro was updated with some cassettes (Including some hard to find ones, or cheaper price tapes), some second hand CDs, and a free magazine. Look in LOW PRICES and NEWS!


-BESTIAL MORTEM (Chile)/ VIA EXCELSIUM (Chile) Split tape. Raw and obscure underground death.

-VLAD (Peru) Fucking in the hell Demo tape. Old styled underground death/ Death black (Member of Morbosatan, Cadaver incubador, Sexorcist)

-NOSFERATOS (Rus) Ventum Inferum de tenebrae... Tape. Death metal. Recording from 1998.

-HARD METAL JACKHAMMER Compilation tape: Manzer, Significant Point, Tormentress, Jenner, Trepanator, Hellfire, Grey Wolf, Wastëland Riders, Meline, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Sacrilegious Rite. Old school metal compilation mostly black metal, heavy and thrash.

-FROZEN TEAR (Fin) White with frost Demo tape. Old death doom with more melodic moments. Rerelease of demo from 1995

-BEITIO BOURRUDO (Fra) Rigordaine o l'aversier / Negras orasons Tape. Black metal, not unlike old Darkthrone, Judas iscariot

-WITCHCURSE (Gre) Demon's warning Demo tape. 2nd hand. Old school heavy metal.

-DECEMBER'S FIRE (Pol) Vae Victis CD. 2nd hand. Neo-classical, Dark ambient, Dungeon synth. Edition from 1996

-NECRODEATH (Ita) Draculea CD. 2nd hand. Thrash/ death.

-NOVEMBERS DOOM (Usa) Aphotic CD. 2nd hand. Death doom/ Doom/ Death metal

-RADIO METAL Magazine numéro 6: Magazine metal/ rock gratuit.

Look in https://nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr/Web.../fr/17-low-prices and https://nihilistic-webzine-distro.fr/Webshop/fr/24-news

gab › samedi 12 mars 2022 - 15:50

12/03/2022: Last distro news:

ASCENDED MASTER (Usa) What was... and what shall be again Demo tape. Between thrash death, black thrash and blackened death (Member of Faithxtractor, Estuary)

BLACK GRAIL (Chile) Demo 2021 Tape. Raw black metal with strange and doom influences.

BLOODLUST (Col) Black mass Tape. Old school thrash/ Black thrash

NOMINON (Swe) Diabolical bloodshed CD. Death metal/ Old school death

RADIATION (Slovakia) The gift of doom Tape. Old school thrash in the 80's style, with death metal influences.

SCAPHISM (Usa) Perpetual torment Demo tape. Death metal in the 90's Us style, sounds like a mix of old Monstrosity, Deicide, old Vader, old Malevolent creation...

FORGOTTEN CHAPEL Zine (Ireland/ Poland) issue 10: Necrosanct, Phlebotomized, Nembrionic, Utumno, Woods of belial, Cross fade, Beyond belief, View beyond recs, Kolac, Erupted evil, Jim mutilator, Perpetual holocaust, Krashing, Repugnacia... + Reviews.
40 pages. A4. In english. 2020

INEXISTENCE (Fra) Danse macabre Tape. Dark ambient/ Dungeon synth/ Darkwave

HEXEKRATION RITES (Fra) Desekration manifesto MCD. Digipack. Black death with dark atmosphere.

MURGE (Swi) Murge MCD.Between old death metal and death grind, with an HM2 almost swedish sound. (With member of Burning flesh)


Free stickers:

CATHARTIC - Sticker logo black DANDELION MASSACRE - Sticker END OF MANKIND - Sticker Faciem diaboli HAIL SHITAR Recs - Sticker gravure rond MANNEQUIN CELLAR - Sticker SURROGATE Recs - Mini sticker green ZOMBIES EAT MY NEIGHBOURS - Mini sticker



END OF MANKIND (Fra) Anterieur à la lumiere Tape album. Black metal. (Members of Antaeus, Eternal majesty,..)

REALM OF CARNIVORA (Estonia) Vengeance shall come Tape. Fast black metal with an atmospheric side.

XALPEN (Chile) Sawken Xo'on Tape. Fast raw black metal with early 90's

INCISOR (Philippines) Death metal supremacy/ Mordant antiphony Demo tape. Old underground death metal.

ADOLF HIBOU (Fra) Princess barely legal Tape. Crazy mix of Sludge/ Grind/ Post punk/ Noise rock/ Glitch and others..


gab › samedi 2 avril 2022 - 11:30

A bunch of TAPES and some CDs were added to the Webshop! Are you ready?

Last distro news:

VENATOR (Austria) Echoes from the Gutter Tape. Old school heavy metal. Tape + badge

INSIGHT (Chile) Azael. Chapter I Tape Ep. Old school Heavy speed/ thrash with a black metal touch and great musicianship. (Members of Ripper, Mayhemic, Samot, Suppression...). Tape + badge

KARLOFF (Ger) The Appearing Tape. Black Metal Punk/ Blackened old school punk hardcore. Tape + badge

DISTRAUGHT (Mex)/ FAECAL TRIPE (Mex) Allthrought the gross infectology tresholds Split CD. Old cryptic death metal meets old death grind with putrid vibe. Rerelease of old demos from 1991 and 1993.

TENEBROSIDAD (Chile) La última palabra será de satanás MCD. Quite raw black thrash

IRON FORCE (Usa) Dungeon Breaker MCD Quite raw old school thrash, not unlike Old Dark angel, old Rigor Mortis, maybe very early Sodom... (Member of Mutant supremacy)

FESTERING (Por) From the grave Demo tape. Swedish style death metal

EXTERMINATORIUM (Bra)/ NECROBSCURE (Bra) Split tape. Blasting death/ Death metal, not unlike old Krisiun, Rebealliun

IMPURATION (Turkey) Sanctities we raped Tape. Old school Black/ Thrash/ Death (Members of Godslaying Hellblast, Sarinvomit, Deggial)

VRYKOLAKAS (Singapore) Unleashing vrykolakas upon the mankind Tape. Death metal/ Satanic brutal death

INFANT DEATH (Nor) Total Hell Tape. Black thrash. Tape + badge.

SEVERED HEAD (Uk) Pure fucking death MCD. Death metal, demo from 2002.

SICKBAG (Fra) Destructure & disgrace CD. Death grind (Contains the band's two Eps)

VA - BEYOND THE NOISE Compilation CD Compilation of mexican metal bands, mostly death and thrash, also a bit of black metal, heavy, progressive metal... With: Agony lords, The dark silence of death, Christ of oblivion, Tenderizer, Cathartic, Eglon, Fruit company, Novadown, Arzenik, Killer Driller, Bastard, Forged, Lost iteration, Avatar, Crossfire...